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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sketch Dump, plus Cel's birthday present that I forgot to give to her xD


God this is old... Sorry I forgot to give them to you bub! <3 about 2 months late, neh? XD

Anyway, here are some sketches that I doubt I will EVER finish...

Darian told me to draw her a Punk Princess, but I was getting frustrated with my tablet and it was coming out awful so I stopped xD. I drew this during Social Studies the day after though. you can see the erase marks where my friend was like "Give her Snakebites!" and drew them totally wrong XD.

This was supposed to be a fanart for my favorite anime artist Oshaikeuchi, this is her OC Arrow as a little chibi thing... But I never finished because the body was pissing me off.

Is is a really old picture I drew of Darian and I's Minecraft avatars. Don't ask about the crayon markings I was testing to see if it was really blue xD.

So all these pictures I draw during my classes at school. I do learn when I draw though because I'm still listening just not looking at the teacher. Then they're all "JILL DARNNIT LOOK AT ME AND PAY ATTTEEEENNNTIIOOOOONNN!!"

But seriously who can pay attention when your dang huge ass neck jowels are wiggling when you talk? =___="".

I'm working on everyone's requests, but it's hard because of the above statement. FYI I was talking about my Spanish teacher. ffffffffffffff.


  1. I'm not short!! Okay i am, but you're not that much taller then me :P i love the drawings though xD

  2. Muahahahhaha I'm am taaaaaalllll *Godzilla*

  3. Love the pics!!!! I want one! I'll remind you when it is my b-day :)

  4. I'm so sorry I just saw this!! I haven't been around much the past several days, but thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! I had no idea you had such talent dude :D This is the sweetest thing ever and I absolutely ADORE it -- I wish we had CC to match some of the things in the drawings, and I WISH you would create a web comic!!! *puppy dog eyes*

    You've been such a good friend and a sweet person -- this just made my day, J, I LOVE it!!!

    *bear hugs & noogies*

  5. Hehe it's ok Cel! I'm so sorry I didn't give them to you earlier!!
    Remember that sim you gave me pictures of? This is what it was for :3.
    Hmm. Web comic.. I never thought of doing one ^A^;; i'll think about it!!

    *lots of hugs* stop by the chat today!