"Rabid dogs have taken over the world and are biting everyone insight!The human race is in danger this is the scariest thing everrrr!!!"

"... B**** please, I've played Amnesia!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sketch Dump, plus Cel's birthday present that I forgot to give to her xD


God this is old... Sorry I forgot to give them to you bub! <3 about 2 months late, neh? XD

Anyway, here are some sketches that I doubt I will EVER finish...

Darian told me to draw her a Punk Princess, but I was getting frustrated with my tablet and it was coming out awful so I stopped xD. I drew this during Social Studies the day after though. you can see the erase marks where my friend was like "Give her Snakebites!" and drew them totally wrong XD.

This was supposed to be a fanart for my favorite anime artist Oshaikeuchi, this is her OC Arrow as a little chibi thing... But I never finished because the body was pissing me off.

Is is a really old picture I drew of Darian and I's Minecraft avatars. Don't ask about the crayon markings I was testing to see if it was really blue xD.

So all these pictures I draw during my classes at school. I do learn when I draw though because I'm still listening just not looking at the teacher. Then they're all "JILL DARNNIT LOOK AT ME AND PAY ATTTEEEENNNTIIOOOOONNN!!"

But seriously who can pay attention when your dang huge ass neck jowels are wiggling when you talk? =___="".

I'm working on everyone's requests, but it's hard because of the above statement. FYI I was talking about my Spanish teacher. ffffffffffffff.

Some Drawing Stuff, Plus Updates! *Blair your request is done*

I figured I would upload some pictures I drew during class, because I figured out how to work my scanner finally! *D'oh!*

Here's a drawing that Blair requested, it's of her cat and I'm not sure if I got the markings right, so forgive me all I had was pictures ^^;;;

And here's one I drew and colored of an anime character, Stocking, from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt:

I just noticed that in all the drawings I've showed you guys I hadn't drawn the whole body+hands... FFFFF! TBH those aren't my strong point, but I'm working on them. I have one pic (which is one of Darian's) that isn't totally finished yet that I'll post. There are soo many things I want to fix in it AND IT PISSES ME OFF THAT I PROCRASTINATE A LOT.

Fudging right are WTH are you doing just standing theeereeee FFFUUUU~~~

Anyways, I just realized that I have a lot of sketches and things that I wanted to show you, so I'm going to make a seperate post for that. Also for my updates, so keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm just so happy right now. this week is almost over and after Friday i'm off for February vacation!

*does a little dance*

Also, I'm having a bit of a blog-block. What should I blog about?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Drawing Requests

Hi all :). I've been getting a lot of requests from my friends lately So I'm making this blog post so you all who want requests can comment below with what you want ^^.

Yes, I do have a tablet so I can color and ink them on the computer, it'll just take me an extra day or two :).

I'll be sketching these out all during my classes (that's what I do, haha, but dont worry I learn too), so you'll probably have to wait a week max for the final paper result. Yes, updates of the picture can be given ^^

I'll be taking 6 requests at a time, and I'll update when a new slot is open~

Comment below and I'll add you on the list, first come first serve!
(Darian was already on the list because I owe her three pictures xD)

1. Darian

Thanks for reading! Questions are encouraged~!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ball Jointed Dolls

BJDs for short. Have you ever heard of them? I know some of my friends over at the Cloud10 chat have :). The kind I'm talking about are the Korean/Asian BJDs (like the one in my banner). It's a very unique and interesting hobby which is why I'm making this post about them today ^^ Enjoy~

The modern BJD stores that we have today started out with VOLKS' line of Super Dollfie in 1999. This influenced many other companies to start manufacturing these delicate dolls and so the large BJD Community began! Volks.usa's first line of Super Dollfie has resulted in Asian Ball Jointed Dolls to be referred to as 'Dollfies' no matter what company has manufactured them. It's safe to say that these little resin beauties got popular very fast all over the world, today we can find countless companies (both Asian and others) having their unique twist on BJDs. They say that ball jointed dolls started out in Western Europe in the 19th century, so they've been around for awhile just took a little bit to catch on in the different communities.

Dollfie's are most commonly used for artistic purposes, photography a modeling for some drawings. But over-all they're just really nice company to have around when you're all alone. It's very common for people to develope a special bond with a certain doll, it's like a modern version of an imaginary friend :).

These dolls can range from 26 cm to 70.5 cm (holy--) and lo' behold, the smaller ones are less expensive. Prices can vary from website to website, but either way none are cheap, they range from $200-$1000 (very rarely 1000, but I've seen some). So, I'm only going to talk about a few popular Dollfie sites that are reliable and awesome quality, if you would like to know more you can email me at chibineko@comcast.net.


LUTS is a very popular website to buy Dollfie's from. I would reccommend this site for first-time Dollfie buyers, but feel free to keep looking around other websites for that doll that makes you swoon :).
LUTS's prices range from $55.00 and $546.00.
The $55.00 dollies aren't... neccissarily human xD? Here's a picture of the adorable Minimi Zuzu~

Some anthro love anyone?! *swoon*

Here's a link to LUTS's website, check them out if you're interested in finding out more about the Dollfie hobby~


Volks is a bit more on the expensive side, so I wouldn't reccommend buying here first time buyers unless you really find a doll that you love and want to save up the extra cash :). I haven't done much research about VOLKS but here is their website so you can check them out :)~

The last website we'll talk about is Soom Doll Emporium


I LOVE Soom! They're right up there with LUTS on my list :). Soom has a very diverse selection of Dollfies that you can choose from, which makes it even easier to find the one that's just for you! Excellent prices too, ranging from $230.00 to $584.00. Here is their website so you can check them out :)~


Some Dolly Tips and Precautions!

- Don't buy a dollfie just because the price is low, you'll want to find one that you really feel a connection with, it should be worth the extra bucks!

- When looking for a doll you really love, be sure to not be fooled by the clothes or wig they're wearing. Most of the time they won't come with it unless it is a special offer. Be sure to set aside some money to customize your doll!

- Makeup. You can choose to do your dolls makeup (formally known as Face-up) on your own, which is not reccommended for beginner doll buyers unless you are paitent and have artistics ability, or you can choose to add on an extra 40-50 bucks for the company to do the dolls face up for you. Don't worry, it'll be like in the picture! [ here is a website to buy some tools you'll need for faceup if you're doing it on your own: http://www.junkyspot.com/obindex.html ]

- These Dollies are COMPLETELY customizable! You can change their eyes, hair, clothes, just about everything expect for the doll's basic mold! ^^

- Be sure to clean your doll, maybe once every two months you can take a Q-Tip and just run it around the joints so they stay in good condition.

- Be delicate with your doll! It can maybe survive a few drops, but they're very delicate! Repairing your doll is expensive :(.

When I think of more, I'll put them here :). I know it was a long post.. xD and I'll make another one later of my personal favorite Dollfies that I'm personally saving up for :). So until then, thanks for reading and have fun exploring the world of Dollfie~!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts guys! I'm planning one right now for tomorrow :).

Thanks for reading~!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doodle Dump 1

Well, Darian have requested a drawing from me, but while I was drawing it I realised that I'm in too much of a sour mood to draw any good xD so, thus this drawing was born~

Yeah. Enjoy xD~

P.S. Expect a post tomorrow~!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My English Project/Watercolor Fail.

So, for English class we had this project to read a book of our choice over Christmas vacation then pick from a list that was given to us of projects to do on that book. I chose a novel by Carrie Ryan called 'The Forest of Hands and Teeth'

I chose project number was 36 and this is the description, 'Draw a protrait of the main character of your book, has to be larger than printer paper and you must use color!'

So, I watercolored a protrait of the main character, Mary :). Here it is~

 Dunkin' Donuts giftcard anyone? Still has $10 on it >D

 ............ I'm messy xD

The sea salt is for some cool effects on the trees. Yes, those are zombies poking through the fence xD

I used watercolors for this like I already mentioned, it took me about four days :). It's my second time using watercolor.. The part I had most trouble with was the hair, there are some areas that I too blotchy for my liking. IMO it looks better in real life >.<;;. My favorite part is the grass :)


Book description coming later, and by later I mean never xD you can use google. But I totally reccommend it it's a great and elegantly written novel :).

Amnesia Gameplay Day 2 *screenshots*

This morning I opened up Amnesia. It's much less frightening in the daylight xD. I've taken some screenshots of my gameplay..

 The first door I get up my courage to open, is blocked by a weird looking liquid guts puddy stuff. When you touch it it says it can't be broken by hand or tools, so I'm supposing you have to dissolve it somehow.

 When I try to open the big scary doors... Access denied by the dumb stuff! Getting really sick of their crap =__= I can hear it mocking me.

 So finally I find an entrance that is not covered by the stupid goo. But I'm not likeing the name...

It's when I explore the Lab a little bit to find this opening. I kept hearing children laughing/crying in this area and the mistyness of it all makes me nervous to go in xD.

I have yet to encounter a monster.. Thank goodness but here's a picture off of google images of one!

I named him Flappy :3

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amnesia Gameplay, Day 1

Alrighty, so one of my blogposts yesterday was about a PC & Mac operated game called Amnesia. So, today I bought the game and after some fighting with the settings I got it to work ( I think my video card is barely supported ;) ). I was excited, after watching many videos of other people playing it I would just laugh and brush off their grown-man screams. Sure, it was hilarious when I was the one laughing at their cowardliness, but oh my goodness once YOU start playing... The knots in your stomach are unexplainable!

So, Daniel woke up and now I'm following the liquid track. I find that I'm afraid to walk past and open doors fearing something might jump out and chase me! I think half of it is the music and sound effects, you feel definatly in Daniels shoes in the insanity department during gameplay. Even now that I've exited the game I'm still pretty terrified but excited to play it again! When countless gaming companies deemed this game 'scariest game of the 21st centry' they really weren't joking.

I was too involved in my own fear that I hadn't thought of taking screenshots of the gameplay, but next time I open the game (most likely in the morning!) I will be sure to take some and post them here :).

So, day 1 of playing Amnesia, already terrified in the first 10 minutes of gameplay. Darian and PK are joining me on my adventure in playing this game as well, so I'll keep you updated on all of our reports :).

I totally and completely reccommend this game for horror addicts and or gamers like myself!!

Thanks for reading :).

Friday, January 21, 2011

New fun Gadgets to Play With!

Hi guys! Just making a quick post informing you of the new gadgets I added, like the Poll, Recent Comments, and Daily Puppy!

Scroll to the bottom of the blog to see recent comments and daily puppy cuteness ^^.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: You may vote multipul answers on the poll~

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Warning, if you are easily scared or squemish, do not watch the video.

I found out about Amnesia yesterday night when I was watching a Livestream of someone playing it. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a video game you play on your PC, but this isn't just ANY computer game; it's a horror computer game :P. Now, despite the reputation of horror based games, Amnesia's gameplay is actually very clever and unique. You can pick up crates and throw certain deco, against walls and stack them; with these options there are a lot of things you need to really use your head to use well.

So, a bit about the game's plot, you wake up in the darkened halls of Brennenburg Castle as Daniel, our protagonist in this twisted adventure. Daniel's awakening is 'celebrated' with a bad case of amnesia (a bit cliche, but go with it). Throught the game you venture through the creepy castle while Daniel unwraps his past through notes that he's left himself and some of what others have written. You also get random flashbacks of information by hearing voices in random spots in the halls.

Doesn't sound too scary yet? Well, pretty early in the game you discover that the castle was a place where criminals were tortured to the death (as if the blood trails weren't enough) and it is now haunted by gruesome monsters that you must avoid unless you want to... well.. Be captured and die to put it simply xD. That explains the horror factor!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent has about six or so hours of gameplay if you are a gamer-mastermind and play it non-stop. But it's garenteed to send a few (and most possibly more!) chills down your spine, a plain old scary expirience so don't play with the lights off!

Amnesia: The Dark descent costs a total cheap price of $20.00, just before you purchase find out if you have good enough specs to play. it can be found at http://www.amnesiagame.com/#buy for both windows and Mac :).

Here is a video found on Youtube of a few friends skyping the gameplay with eachother. It gets quite out of hand, loud screams from the main player are ahead.

Warning, vulgar language used in this video

I would be excited if I found a bag of Milky Ways too!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Internet friends, an easier relationship to harm than a real one?

Today I'll be talking about internet friends, frenimies, and cyberbullying.

I myself have a lot of friends on the internet that I am proud to know, I also admit that I have some whom I wish I was never involved with.
In my opinion, there is a thin line between being frenimies and cyberbulling :(. Those of you who have expirienced having a bad 'friend' on the web, may know what I'm talking about when I say this; when you have a fight with someone, and you LIE to get people on your side to emotionally hurt the person in question, that is cyber bullying. Which is illegal.

But not everything about having friends online is bad! Sure, you have to be careful about your personal information when you guys first meet, but after a few months and you have that feeling in your gut that they are trust worthy, you'll have lots of fun together ^^.
• No, this does not mean you can share your address or meet in real life unless you're completely comfortable O.e;;;

What I mean is that maybe knowing eachother's first names is exciting and is another way to make the bond tighter :).

Well, I think the reason why I'm making this blog post is because of something going on in my circle of Sims friends at the moment. I just feel so lost in it, and a lot of people's feelings are hurt/getting hurt, and others from the community have gotten involved which made it worse.
A lot of blame is going around, and accusations, it's just a mess and I can't wait for it to be over! I just know that I need to face the facts and not fear the consiquences that may come with being involved with a group of people, they're my friends and I wouldn't leave them for the world :).

What are your guys' opinions on internet friends? Any tips on how to survive the bullies?

Guys, I doubt this will help ANY but what's the worst that could happen? The CloudTen members have been blogged and poked at countless times already, the people involved KNOW they've meessed up, they KNOW. So cut it out!
About whether or not action will be taken for the Yazzie thing, that is everyone's own personal choice. Myself, I've emailed Yazzie already apologizing for being a bad friend. So does this drama need to go on further with those who weren't involved in the first place?
Just stop it. No one likes drama, it makes everyone sad and blog/website posts bashing members won't solve the problem. it's called compromise, look it up.


So, what are your guys' opinions of internet friends? For those of who've expirienced 'frienimies' you're not alone :) any advice for the others?

Promise that next blog post will be a bit more happy :) Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello Blogspot!

Hello blogspot :).
My persona name is Miracle or Sauri, you can choose to call me either. I started this blog so that I can just type about what's on my mind regarding real life and internet life, including some of my hobbies and what I am currently doing with them.
I think... More later on once the blog gets a few more watchers I'll open a xat chat box so you all vistors can chat and hang out with me and others.
I have big plans for this blog, so let's start off with a bit about me and what I'll be blogging about in the future.

I've been communicating on the internet for about 5 years now, and I love most of the community that I have encountered. I really love going on forums and meeting people who are interested in the same things I am interested in.
The forums and sites I am most active on would be The Sims 3.com forums [xMiraclex37] and my DeviantART.com account [SauriNeko].

I enjoy art, reading, and playing video games.

Despite my many hours online I actually have a pretty steady life going on at the moment.

If you would like to know more please check out my profile, and thank you for following! :)

P.S. I want to give a special shoutout to the two Deviants from DeviantART.com who gave me permisson to use their screenies :); Evil4Fun and Rene114. Go check them out, their stuff is very cool!