"Rabid dogs have taken over the world and are biting everyone insight!The human race is in danger this is the scariest thing everrrr!!!"

"... B**** please, I've played Amnesia!"

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts guys! I'm planning one right now for tomorrow :).

Thanks for reading~!


  1. Woahs, your blog is all cool looking compared to mine. D:;;;; I, too, have been failing at posting. >w>;; And other stuff. You left a comment on my blog, so I wanted to say thanks for the compliment and ask if I know you on another site. O: *Scrolling around like a creeper to see if anything is recognizable.* xD;; Man, if I know you well on another site I'm gonna feel like a jerk for not recognizing you. TAT

  2. Hehehe, thank you OwO I spent awhile customizing it ^^; OTL. You're very welcome! No, you don't know me from another site ^^; I tend to stay under a rock when it comes to anything other than the sims forums *stares at empty DA* >A<. I got really excited when I found your blog so I could leave a comment because your videos on YT are really helpful and make me happy :B hurhurr. Thanks for visiting :D!! *feels special*

  3. Oh, okay- you're welcome. :D I need to make more, but.......... *SLACKSLACK.* I was all excited to make some this week and then I was sick. >:I